The Story Of Manuel

The Story Of Manuel

I was just a little buck only weeks old and alone. I was scared roaming trying to find my mom when I came upon this place by a wall under some trees. I figured this would be a good place to hide and rest my tired bones,Manuel's Safe Place I just had started to walk. I think that what they call this anyway, it’s not that easy to learn you know. I laid there as the morning sun came up over the trees. I watch shaking as the dew fell from the trees in the morning sun like a misty rainfall. I was safe from the night but where was I? All was still when I heard a noise from around the corner and a strange thing happened. I saw these things come across my path. I did not know what they where but two where like me , on all fours and the other big and very tall. I think maybe they where walking together, they have it mastered so much better than me. I stayed motionless when this small four-legged thing approach and bark. I thank god she was my size, the outcome may have been different. This thing they call a dog just barked when the big tall thing approached as well. The thing I believe they call a human brought the dog into the place they came and Manuel  Made It Throught The Nightdisappeared. I saw the human come out with water and milk. My mom had mentioned humans before but I had never seen a human up close before. I stayed out there awhile, I guess the human did not know what to do. You see mom was nowhere to be found and what I had failed to mention was that I had been attacked by what I don’t really know. I felt my wounds burning and sore. I could tell it bugged the human very much. I think he got some advice about leaving me out there too long or for another night.

“I was wounded and scared I don’t think I would have made it through another night.”

The human came out later, he approached me again but this time he got he and took me into his place. I have to say it was much safer there I think.Manuel's Temparory Bedroom I had my milk again and a blanket. I was just a little scared to lay down I wanted to see what this human was doing. He said name was Jeff and he wasn’t going to hurt he. He said it would be alright. there was lots going on, he was on the phone the whole time except for when he run to the store to get me formula. I am a baby, after all. He just kept checking coming in and out but didn’t keep grabbing me I liked that. The time came when he said he had to clean my wounds.Manuel's Wounds He came to me on all fours just like others animals, Jeff didn’t look quite as big that way. He started cleaning my wounds, petted me a second, as he did I realized he wasn’t trying to hurt me so I laid my head down on one hand while he cleaned with the another hand. The thing he did not realize is that I had an old wound filled with maggots, the dark areas. He took some Dawn and then he into me into his bathroom, I think in his tub bath. The bathtub was slick but I guess me didn’t want me to go anywhere while he treated me. I cried because I was hurting and very scared. I watched however as all the maggots and dirt came running out of my wounds. Jeff cleaned the wound five times before the wound was cleaned. I was now scared again and tried so Jeff returned me to the bedroom.

Jeff came in a little later with great news of a rehab just for me! The place where I got immediate treatment for the maggots that still returned and a special food too. I have three friends here already, they look well cared for. I have seen the huge pen where I will rehab, then to a second pen. I saved the best for last. When I grow up and am well I’ll go to ten acres five miles from any road. The acres are a no hunting area with cameras owned by a city official. Manuel On His Way To Rehab I am going to have a great life thanks to Jeff my new-found friend. Well all that’s my story of my new-found friend and new home. You can check back anytime, I heard Jeff explain as he left he be back to see me!


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